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Helsinki features a variety of places for great family and active rest. Such places of entertainment and activities as the Heureka Science Center or the Lego Show theme park are meant specially for children, who take delight in taking part in different activities. The oldest in Finland Linnanmaki amusement park, which was opened in 1950, the first in Scandinavia Sea Life Center, the Serena Water Park and the Korkeasaari Zoo let Helsinki stay one of the most popular destinations for the leisure tourists from all over the world.

Heureka Science Center
The Heureka Science Center is located in Vantaa, a satellite town of Helsinki. One can get to the Heureka, the unique exhibition complex of scientific attractions, in 20 minutes by train (Tikkurila railway station) from Helsinki or by bus from Helsinki and Vantaa.

Lego Show Theme Park
The Lego Show theme park is designed for the family rest though its attractions are interesting first of all for children. The standard working day of the park is divided into three periods: from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m., from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. and from 5 p.m. till 8 p.m.

Linnanmaki Amusement Park
The Linnanmaki amusement park is one of the most favorite places both for Helsinki inhabitants and tourists. The oldest in Finland amusement park was opened in 1950, and since that time Linnanmaki presents its visitors a great variety of amusing attractions.

Rastila Camping
The Rastila Camping is located in Vuosaari, the eastern suburb of Helsinki. This camping site is one of largest and most popular campsites of Finland. Metro station situated close to Rastila Camping permits its guests to get quickly to Helsinki's center.

Sea Life Center
The first in Scandinavia Sea Life Center was opened in 2003. The Helsinki Sea Life is the most northern part of Merlin Entertainments Group LTD's European wide chain, the world's largest public aquarium brand with over five million visitors a year.

Serena Water Park
The Serena water amusement park located in 20 kilometers of Helsinki is an ideal place for active rest and especially for family rest. Visitors of the park are welcome to enjoy various water attractions, wave pools, saunas and Jacuzzi.

Vuosaaren Urheilutalo
The Vuosaaren Urheilutalo Recreation Center is located in Vuosaari, the eastern district of Helsinki, not far from metro station. The center offers various possibilities for active rest including a gym, a swimming pool, run tracks and others.

Yrjonkatu Swimming Pool
The Yrjonkatu Swimming Pool is located in the center of Helsinki. According to the Wallpaper Magazine's overview the Yrjonkatu opened in 1928 is the 3-rd indoor swimming pool of Europe in size and a choice of amenities.

The Helsinki Zoo is located at Korkesaari Island, not far from the city center. Founded in 1889 it is one of the oldest zoos in the world with over a half million visitors each year and one of most popular places of family rest in Finland.

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