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Helsinki is famous for its progressive view on modern musical tendencies from all over the world and at the same time for its taste for good music. There is plenty of night clubs in Helsinki, where the guests can listen to the music of different styles. Nightlife in Helsinki will charm even the most demanding experts with a variety of trendy places such as the legendary Helsinki Club, opened in 1971, the Storyville Club, which is ranked as one of the best jazz clubs in Europe, or the stylish Uniq Club, famous for its arctic icebar.

Helsinki Club
One of the most famous clubs among the guests of Finland as far as of locals, the legendary Helsinki Club is located in the main shopping district in the very heart of Helsinki. It was opened in 1971 and since that time has gained an excellent reputation.

Kaarle XII Club
The Kaarle XII Club was opened in 1976 and soon became hugely popular as Helsinki's only music pub. Nowadays, the Kaarle XII is one of the city's most popular discos. The club is also famous for its Kruunu (Crown) Restaurant, which was opened in 1996.

Lux Nightclub
The Lux nightclub is a luxurious and exclusive club opening at a penthouse location in the heart of Helsinki. The club was opened in 2006 and soon became one of the most famous places in Helsinki due to a new level of quality and service.

Storyville Club
One of the best jazz clubs in Helsinki was named after the famous district of New Orlean. Ranked as one of the best jazz clubs in Europe, Storyville has for the past 12 years delighted its audiences with a variety of local and international live jazz acts.

Studio 51 Club
One of the largest and most glamorous nightclubs in Helsinki, the Studio 51 Club is at the same time one of the "youngest" one in the Finnish capital. It was opened recently in October 2004 and is equipped with all the latest modern lighting and sound systems.

Uniq Club
The Uniq Club is a luxurious venue, located in the heart of the city and especially popular among the modern and stylish people, who prefer some special experience - the most renowned feature of the club is its unique arctic icebar.

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