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Kaarle XII Club

Kaarle XII Club
Address: Kasarmikatu 40
Phone: +358-(0)9-612-9990

The Kaarle XII Club was opened in 1976 and soon became hugely popular as Helsinki's only music pub. Nowadays, the Kaarle XII is one of the city's most popular discos. In 1992, the Kaarle XII expanded onto the second floor, allowing it to serve hundreds of people at a time from no less than six bars, where professional bartenders mix even the most demanding long drinks and cocktails. Of course, the guests can also taste a very large selection of beers, ciders, cognacs, whiskys and good cigars. Upstairs you can dance to international top hits and downstairs is the place for Finnish pop music.

Since 1996, it has also been possible to eat at the Kaarle XII, which has a three-room restaurant, called Kruunu (Crown). The readers of City magazine for almost 20 years have listed Kaarle XII Club among the top party places in Helsinki. The special party night is Thursday.

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