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Helsinki Museums

Museums in Helsinki

The museums in Helsinki let the guests take a closer look at the unique and original Finnish culture. The Helsinki City Art Museum and The National Museum of Finland introduce the visitors to the history of Finland and Helsinki as its capital. The Amos Anderson Art Museum and the Atheneum Art Museum presents the Finnish art of different times as fas as the collections of Didrichsen Art Museum include art exhibits from all over the worls. The Kiasma Art Museum, which is one of the most progressive art centers in Europe, focuses on the world contemporary art.

Amos Anderson Art Museum
The Amos Anderson Art Museum is located in the center of Helsinki. It is one of the largest private art collections in Finland. The founder of the museum was Amos Anderson (1878-1961), politician and patron of art, who owned several printing houses.

Atheneum Art Museum
The Atheneum Art Museum celebrated its inaugural opening on November 18th, 1887. The new art forum was a momentous achievement for the Finnish cultural establishment, albeit that its inception was the subject of heated controversy and debate.

Design Museum
The Helsinki Design Museum was founded in 1873 as the collection of the Arts and Crafts School. This institution was not only the first design museum in Scandinavia but also one of the oldest design museums in the world. The museum is specialized in design and craft arts.

Didrichsen Art Museum
The Didrichsen Art Museum located on Kuusisaari Island was founded by Dutch businessman Gunnar Didrichsen, who moved to Finland in 1926 and stayed here till his last days. The main part of the exposition was formed by Didrichsen and his wife Marie-Louise.

Helsinki City Art Museum
The Helsinki City Art Museum is about to enter a new era with the premises in the Tennis Palace quadrupling its total exhibition space. The Art Museum will have museum galleries in Meilahti and the Tennis Palace, showing a wide variety of exhibitions.

Kiasma Art Museum
The Kiasma Art Museum is situated in Mannerheiminaukio Square, not far from the Parliament. Prominently sited in downtown Helsinki and built with State and private sponsorship, the Kiasma Museum was opened to the public in June 1998.

Mannerheim Museum
The Marshal Mannerheim Museum is located in Kaivopusto, the picturesque district of Helsinki, and occupies the house, where Mannerheim lived from 1924 to 1951. Marshal Karl Gustav Emil von Mannerheim was an outstanding politician and military figure.

Meilahti Art Museum
The Meilahti Art Museum, a part of the Helsinki City Art Museum, is located in Meilahti, in the western part of the district. The main exhibition hall of the museum was constructed in 19790s, in the immediate vicinity of the ancient Meilahti villa.

National Museum of Finland
The National Museum of Finland, the largest in the country, presents the Finnish history from prehistoric times to the present day. The major archaeological finds, the historical, numismatic and ethnological collections have been put together for over 170years.

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum is located in the very center of Helsinki, close to the Parliament. The museum's building erected in 1913 is remarkable among the tourists and the guests of the city due to the muse statue placed in front of its main entrance.

The Tennispalatsi (Tennis Palace) City Art Museum is situated not far from the central bus station of Helsinki. The name of the museum means the Palace of Tennis and is connected with the history of the building, where the venue is housed.

Tram Museum
The Tram Museum, a part of the Helsinki City Museum, is housed in in the city's oldest tram depot, which was founded in 1900. Trams as a regular service were started in 1891 in Helsinki, so till nowadays they have been in service for over 100 years.

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