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Mannerheim Museum

Amos Anderson Art Museum
Address: Kalliolinnantie Highway 14
Phone: +358-(0)9-635-443
Working Hours: Friday-Sunday from 11.00 to 16.00, 6th of December (Independence Day) and 4th of June (Mannerheim Birthday) from 11.00 to 16.00 not depending of day of week

The Marshal Mannerheim Museum is located in Kaivopusto, the picturesque district of Helsinki, and occupies the house, where Mannerheim lived from 1924 to 1951.

Marshal Karl Gustav Emil von Mannerheim was an outstanding politician and military figure whose activities exerted great influence on history of independent Finland. Before the October revolution Mannerheim was a general of the Russian army. After Finland had become an independent state he was proclaimed to return to his motherland. For many years Mannerheim was a Head Commander of Finland's armed forces. In 1944 - 1946 he was the President of Finland. In 1944 he signed the separate peace truce with the USSR, the document, which put Finland out of the World War II. Mannerheim died in 1951 and soon after his museum was organized.

The villa interiors have preserved its furnishing as it was at Mannerheim in all details. The museum exhibition includes materials dedicated to Marshal's service in Russian army and his activities as the Head Commander of Finland's armed forces portraits of his ancestors, various gifts received from the state and private citizens, the unique collection of awards, numerous hunting trophies and souvenirs, large private library. Three rooms at the second floor regularly host various expositions connected with Mannerheim's life and activities. The museum organizes excursions in six languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German French and Russian.

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