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Russia Visa

Russia Visa offers detailed information on the visa arrangement process. It describes the main types of the Russian visa and gives addresses and telephones of Russian Consulates in different countries. General information on the Russian visa is very important in order to find out a definition of a visa itself, get to know types not only of the Russian visa, but also of the invitations, needed for every visa type. Pay attention that invitations can be tourist, business and private. It depends on a purpose of your entering the country. Here you can also find information on the rights of Russian Consulate and Visa Denial.

Peculiarities of different types of the Russian visa are fully represented. You can get detailed information on a type of the Russia visa you are interested in. If you constantly ask a question how to apply for the Russian visa, here you can find a complete answer. It can be done using different methods. First of all you can apply for the Russian visa online. You will see a form, which should be filled in. Insert the information about the present citizenship, name, date and place of birth, destination cities in Russia and others. If it is more convenient for you to apply by mail you will find two forms: application form for US citizens and the same for Non-US citizens. Choose one you need and fill in all blanks.

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