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Moscow City

Moscow city characterizes in details top ten hotels in Moscow, gives information on the most popular restaurants in the capital of Russia, proposes fresh Moscow news. If you are used to comfort, choose one of Moscow hotels. Among them there are hotels for different tastes and pockets, beginning from five-star hotels and finishing with three-star hotels. Correspondently, a list of services, provided by the hotels of different classes, is also different.

Russia is famous for its hospitability and there exists one way to check, if this statement is true. Visit Moscow restaurants and you will realize that nowhere in the world you can find such friendly and open-hearted people as in Russia. So it will be easier for you to find a proper restaurant in the capital of Russia, you are suggested a classification of them by the following criteria: by location, by cuisine and by a metro station.

You are used to keep up to date and would like to know all Moscow news, it is possible with Interfax and Prime-Tass. All valuable information, political, business and economical news will be at your services. Yellow pages suggest you the following categories: arts and entertainment, home and family, autos and boats, business services, community, money and finance, etc.

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