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Winter Garden

Burgher's House
Address: Hammarskjoldintie 1

The Winter Garden has been a popular recreational meeting place for the residents of Helsinki for more than a century. The Winter Garden in Helsinki features a variety of plants including the most exotic ones. The Winter Garden also includes the Rose Garden that is especially marvelous in the summertime. Around Christmas time, azaleas, tulips, amaryllises, hyacinths and lilies of the valley are all in bloom. Around Easter there is the time of daffodils and tulips.

Behind the Winter Garden lies the city garden that cultivates summer flowers for the city parks. The city garden is closed to the public.

Helsinki's Winter Garden houses over two hundred different plants including such plants as island pines, saw palmettos, cactuses, and camellia trees, which are the oldest plants in the Winter Garden. The western wing of the Winter Garden features King Sago Palms, a noble bat tree and some houseplants of old times.

The Winter Garden houses seasonal plant exhibitions and shows. It is considered to be one of Helsinki's most popular objects of interest.

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