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Esplanadi Park

Esplanadi Park
Address: between Pohjoisesplanadi and Etelaesplanadi Streets

Esplanadi Park, one of the most favorite places for rest and walk among the inhabitants and guests of Helsinki, was planned in 1820-s to the design by architect Carl Ludwig Engel. The central alley of the park is planted with old limes. Many of these trees have been growing here since 1840-s.

Esplanadi Park is remarkable due to a variety of the monuments. In the central part of the park there is a monument to famous Finnish poet Johan Ludwig Runeberg, the author of the text of the national anthem. The monument was made in 1885 by the son of the poet, sculptor Walter Runeberg. The female who embodies the muse holds the scroll with the words of the anthem in her hand. Another monument in the park is dedicated to Eino Leino, famous poet, writer and journalist of the beginning of the XXth century. The sculptural group "Tale and truth" by Gunnar Finne is the monument to prominent Finnish tale-writer Saharias Topelius.

The Kapelli Cafe Brasserie, located in the middle of Esplanadi park, is another remarkable point in Esplanadi Park. It was originally built in 1837 and served as a rendezvous for artists and "high society gentlemen". The building of the restaurant with a terrace was built in 1867 and later rebuilt for several times. It was completely restored in 1976 and today continues to welcome guests. Opposite the Kappelli there is the Espa Summer Theater. In the summer its open stage hosts a variety of the events every day.

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